Thursday 5th July 2018, Horsfall

Creative Margins: Co-production, collaboration and the rebalance of power.

The event will provide opportunities for knowledge sharing, reflection and debate around the issues of:

  • how arts and cultural institutions can contribute positively to the wellbeing and quality of life of some of the most marginal young people in our communities

  • the tensions and possibilities for collaborative practice between the youth and cultural sectors

  • with and for – where does power lie and does it make good art?

Workshop hosts

Julie McCarthy

Executive producer at 42nd Street
Julie is responsible for the development and management of The Horsfall, a venue and creative programme dedicated to improving mental health and wellbeing though engagement with arts and culture.
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Jo Lane

Artist, filmmaker and writer at Odd Arts, Manchester
An artist, filmmaker and writer at Odd Arts, Manchester, that delivers creative programmes with vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups within the criminal justice sector, communities and educational sector.
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