Tuesday 26th June, Common Wealth Theatre

CLASS: The Elephant in the Room

What is the value of arts to working class people? Who gets to be an artist? How does change come about? What are the opportunities for communities and artists to learn from each other? Join Common Wealth and Hassan Mahamdallie for CLASS: The Elephant in the Room, a performance, a conversation, and a workshop that explores how artists and community organisers can work together to create real social change. Part of the Creative Margins series of workshops that explore youth and community work. Creative Margins is a new network that will facilitate boundary crossings between the disciplines of youth work, community education and the arts and explore the ways to support vulnerable young people to connect with arts and culture practise, institutions and workforce. CLASS: the elephant in the room is one of the workshops being held across the UK.

Evie Manning

Co-artistic Director, Common Wealth
Co-artistic Director, Common Wealth, is experienced in working with people who are often marginalized from theatre, media and politics.
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Steph Brocken

National Youth Theatre Network
Chair of National Youth Theatre Network and runs a digital arts youth project in Oldham. She is one of the few people in the network who has developed a distinct ‘youth arts’ specialism