A seat at the table

We invited Ella Otomewo to listen to our conversations through the day and respond in spoken word. The work was amazing! Listen up.

Are there enough seats at the table for me?
Or am I going to have to awkwardly squeeze myself onto the corner again? Make myself smaller again,
and more palatable?

Not having an automatic seat at the table does not mean I expect you
to feed me from a silver spoon.

You can disrupt the table!

Disrupt the heavy expectations sitting dusty next to the silverware. Where mouths have been
force fed what to say.
Don’t ask me to be real

and then get angry
when I’m not your favourite version of myself.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Like teaching to an
open ear,
or a pen in hand.

Let’s have a show of hands
for anyone who’s ever woken up
knowing that their best idea yet
is dissolving away with last night’s dreams.

Luckily for us
there is ample time to redo our mistakes,
and meet each other at the place where we have fallen down. Meet me where I think I’ve failed
and I’ll meet you where you start.
Meet me at the heart of it.
Meet me in trust
and let me speak as if you weren’t there,

but as if I had invited you.
I do invite you.
I hope you keep inviting each other

Ella Eneme Otomewo is a Manchester based performance poet. She has a first class degree in English and Drama, and has had commissions from Manchester International Festival, Contact Theatre, and BBC1Xtra to name but a few. She is also a member of M(.)IST Collective, a group of queer female artists from a variety of art forms in Manchester. Ella facilitates creative writing workshops, and has performed at numerous spoken word events both as a headliner and with renowned poetry collective, Young Identity. Her work is feminist, personal, and candid.

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