The In Defence of Youth Work Principles

The aim of Creative Margins is to focus a dialogue between youth work and arts practice and practitioners. Janet Batsleer shares six principles for youth work practice, as developed with the In Defence of Youth Work network:

  1. the primacy of the voluntary relationship, from which the young person can withdraw without compulsion or sanction;
  2. a commitment to a critical dialogue, to the creation of informal educational opportunities starting from young people’s agendas;
  3. the need to work with and encourage the growth of young people’s own autonomous networks, recognising the significance of class, gender, race, sexuality, disability and faith in shaping their choices and opportunities;
  4. the importance of valuing and attending to their here-and-now as well as to their ‘transitions’;
  5. the nurturing of a self-conscious democratic practice, tipping balances of power in young people’s favour:
  6. the significance of the worker themselves, their room for autonomy, their ability to fashion an improvised, yet rehearsed practice.

For more information on these principles and the network follow the link 

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