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The AHRC Creative Margins Network

The network responds to the Culture White Paper’s (CM 9218) expectation that all museums, theatres, galleries, opera houses or arts groups that receive government money “should reach out to everyone, regardless of their background”.

The challenge is to develop new models for effective partnerships in specific local communities that move beyond performative acts of accountability and genuinely reach groups who would not usually gain access to arts and art institutions

The aim is to share knowledge across the fields and disciplines of Art and youth/community work by opening spaces for discussion and critical debate.

The network will facilitate a series five one-day regional meetings in 2018 across England and Wales (Bradford, Brighton, Cardiff, London, and Manchester).

Planning meeting one

Planning meeting two – notes

Project report 

Dracula’s Castle

Dracula’s Castle, Transitions/Cardiff Student Community Action playscheme, Adamsdown, Cardiff August 1972. Professor Mike Pearson gave a stunning slide show of images such as these, that were

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Time and Trust – commentary

[gview file=””] Jade and Josh gave a wonderful presentation and this commentary accompanies their beautiful power point. TIME (2) Time is one of the most

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Time and Trust by Jade and Josh

[gview file=””] This was written by myself and another youth forum member from Amgueddfa Cymru, the National Museum of Wales. We have been members for

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Network members

Jên Angharad

Independent Welsh bilingual choreographer, workshop facilitator and movement director
An independent Welsh bilingual choreographer, workshop facilitator and movement director in education, community, theatre and television. She has years of experience working with marginalised children, young people and adults in the ex-mining communities of south Wales.

Janet Batsleer

Reader in Education, Principal Lecturer in Youth and Community Work (MMU)
Reader in Education and Principal Lecturer in Youth and Community Work, Manchester Metropolitan University. Research interests include co-producing arts-based research with young researchers, and young people’s political participation.
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Steph Brocken

University of Chester
Current key concerns in this research include the uses of contemporary performance practices with children and young people and issues around the co-construction of research methods.

Dr Anna Bull

Lecturer in Sociology, University of Portsmouth
Her PhD, funded by the ESRC and awarded in 2015, examined how class and gender are reproduced and embodied by young people playing classical music, through an ethnography of youth classical music ensembles.
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Dr Ellie Byrne

Research Associate, Cardiff University
Research interests in creative methods, health inequalities, political engagement, wellbeing and policy.
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Chris Charles

Chair of the National Federation for Detached Youth Workers.
Chair of the National Federation for Detached Youth Workers. Chris is a photographer and film maker that works with communities and the challenges they face. All of his work is grounded in creative collaboration/ engagement/ participation and health and wellbeing.

Tania de St Croix

Lecturer in the Sociology of Youth and Childhood, King's College London
A youth worker for 20 years, and is now a Lecturer in the Sociology of Youth and Childhood at King’s College London. Her current research project is entitled ‘Rethinking impact, evaluation and accountability in youth work’.
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Prof Bella Dicks

Professor in Sociology, Cardiff University
Research interests in digital qualitative methods, heritage, museums, culture-led economic regeneration, social disadvantage and class.
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Natalie Diddum

PhD student, MMU

Dr James Duggan

Research Fellow, MMU
Research interests in co-production, creative research methods in youth and community settings.
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Frances Howard

Nottingham Trent University
PhD investigating ‘dis-engaged’ young people’s experience of the Arts Award programme. Research interests include young people’s music making and socially-engaged arts practice. Worked previously in local authorities, arts education and youth work.
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Prof Gabrielle Ivinson

Professor of Education and Community, Manchester Metropolitan University.
A social and developmental psychologist who studies gender, education and poverty Her research explores how place and specifically post-industrial places influence children’s and young people’s educational achievement and aspirations.
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Julie McCarthy

Executive producer at 42nd Street
Julie is responsible for the development and management of The Horsfall, a venue and creative programme dedicated to improving mental health and wellbeing though engagement with arts and culture.
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Jo Lane

Artist, filmmaker and writer at Odd Arts, Manchester
An artist, filmmaker and writer at Odd Arts, Manchester, that delivers creative programmes with vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups within the criminal justice sector, communities and educational sector.
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Evie Manning

Co-artistic Director, Common Wealth
Co-artistic Director, Common Wealth, is experienced in working with people who are often marginalized from theatre, media and politics.
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Mark Miller

Tate Modern and Tate Britain
Lead & Convenor Young People’s Programmes. Circuit is a four year national programme connecting 15–25 year olds to the arts in galleries and museums working in partnership with the youth and cultural sector, to provide opportunities for young people to steer their own learning and create cultural activity across art disciplines in galleries.

Andrew Mowlah

Director of Research at Arts Council England
Director of Research at Arts Council England, develops and leads the Arts Council’s national research programme and informs their future strategy: ‘Achieving Great Arts and Culture for Everyone’.

Dr Laura Trafi-Pratts

Senior Lecturer, MMU
My background is in visual arts education. I worked for more than 20 years in art specialist teacher training in Spain and the U.S.A. My research centres on co-constructed and multi-method visual research with children, focusing on issues of spatial practice, place, sustainability and creative interventions in the city.
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Dr Yvonne Robinson

Senior Research Fellow, London South Bank University
Research interests include children and young people, education, race, ethnicity and the arts.
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Dr Harriet Rowley

Lecturer in Education and Community, MMU.
She is an experienced ethnographic researcher predominantly working in education, social care and community-based settings.
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Prof Pat Thompson

Professor of Education, University of Nottingham
Research interests are an interdisciplinary engagement with questions of creative and socially just learning and change. Her current research focuses on creativity, the arts and change in schools and communities.
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Annie Thorpe

Information Manager, A New Direction
Annie is responsible for ensuring that A.N.D. generate and share useful research and intelligence about the cultural and education sector in London and use this information to inform projects and partnerships.
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Graeme Tiffany

Exec Member and Vice-Chair of the National Federation for Detached Youth Workers
Exec Member and Vice-Chair of the National Federation for Detached Youth Workers which aims to educate, inform and advise all relevant authorities and organisations as to the needs of Detached Youth Work and young people, especially those who are under-supported.
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Dr Nicola Sim

Freelance researcher, evaluator and public programmer working across visual arts, theatre, youth and play settings
Nicola is a freelance researcher, evaluator and public programmer working across visual arts, theatre, youth and play settings.
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